A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is an early access beta being actively developed. New features are being added constantly.

Forum is open for bug reports. Please report any issues you notice! I am actively developing this in real time and I rely on your testing.

http://www.bobcorporation.com (Main website)

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bob's game (from the infamous upcoming RPG "bob's game") is a multiplayer puzzle game- but not just any puzzle game, EVERY puzzle game! It's a build-your-own puzzle game with a puzzle game creator where YOU define all the rules to your own custom game!

More than that, great care has been made to ensure that bob's game is the *best* version of every puzzle game. I went through every puzzle game forum and wiki I could find and made sure to implement every detail and feature required by tournament level hardcore players. It has wall kicks, floor kicks, spin kicks, T-spins, adjustable timing, powerups, you name it. All of these features apply to all the games however you want, making it the best version of every game!

bob's game change in real time as you play it, morphing from game to game and making every round completely unique. Or you can choose to play just your favorite game type against your friends with fantastic controls, super tight timing, and features and powerups from other games.

bob's game is completely customizable, allowing the player to create in-depth rulesets to mimic existing puzzle games or create entirely new ones to add to the online library.

Create your own puzzle modes! Invent custom rulesets or challenge your friends to a sequence of all your favorite games. Compete in an online world championship and improve your skills to reach the top of the public leaderboard.

bob's game is constantly evolving with new theme packs, new rules, and user-designed puzzle packs.

bob's game currently supports as many local or network players as you want, mixed local/network multiplayer, Facebook integration, game controller support, and more.

bob's game is not done- it's quite playable, but I am actively adding many more features.

Upcoming feature list:

  • More multiplayer features
  • Better multiplayer lobby
  • Add friends by email
  • Stats and ranking
  • Game goals (score, time, outlast)
  • Tournament, regional and global
  • Matchmaking by region or rank
  • More game mode features
  • Server verification
  • Spectator mode
  • Chatrooms
  • Replays
  • Challenge replay
  • Split keyboard
  • Themes
  • Android, iOS, and Browser support

It will be released and continuously updated for desktop PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) both standalone and in browser, and on mobile for Android and iPhone.

It will also be open sourced so it can grow into a standard tournament platform for all puzzle games!

Custom game editor tutorial:

Install instructions

Older versions of Windows may need the VS2015 redistributable, download it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145


bob's game 20170119 Windows.zip (21 MB)
bob's game 20170119 MacOS.zip (38 MB)
bob's game 20170119 Linux.zip (22 MB)